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Category: Wills & Trusts

Find a Trust Lawyer That Works for You

Trust lawyers are objective third parties who can offer sound advice and help you or your trustee correctly manage your estate and assets. But how do you actually go about finding the right trust lawyer for you? Trust lawyers or attorneys can be important parts of our lives, providing legal help and counsel to your…

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Do I Need a Living Will Lawyer?

Assuming your working life starts at 20 and ends at 65, the average American spends a surplus of 90,000 hours of their life at work. People work these hours to earn money to live – the last thing many people think about is having a living will drawn up by an estate planning lawyer. In…

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Will Administration – The Do’s and Don’ts

A will is a legal document that states your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and money should you pass away. Will administration is vital and to maximize the likelihood that your wishes are carried out, you want a will to be in writing, and signed by you and your witnesses. Everyone’s will is…

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It’s Never Too Soon To Write A Will

Wills Attorney Explains Essentials of Creating a Will Wills attorneys, also known as Estate planning or probate attorneys, can work with you to create a trust or your last will and testament. He or she can also help you with other estate planning tools such as Durable Powers of attorneys, Health Care Directives, Living Wills…

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A Trust vs A Will

What’s the Difference Between a Trust and a Will? Trust attorneys provide relevant legal help to whomever you name your trustee, that is, the person who is in charge of managing the trust. Trust attorneys therefore provide the legal services that are needed with regards to trusts and wills and set up a trust on…

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