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Category: Wills & Trusts

Questions Your Will Lawyer Asks When Drafting Your Will

Estate planning can be an incredibly stressful process, especially when it comes to drafting your will. Why not talk to a will lawyer about your options? Though it can come with many complications, entrusting the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer can make the procedure run smoothly. While finding the right attorney will require…

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What Goes Into Setting Up A Living Trust In Florida?

In most instances, our death and what happens to our belongings after our passing is not a pressing priority until it becomes a near reality. However, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the inevitable. Setting up a living trust is one of the best ways to cover your bases. Setting up a…

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Trust Lawyer Tips: Choosing The Right Trustee For Your Estate

When it comes to choosing to whom to entrust your estate, you likely have several options. However, these choices can be tied up in financials, complicated emotions, and personal history. And, sadly, this often leaves some parties potentially hurt. You will want to consider several things when deciding how you want your estate to be…

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The Best Wills Lawyer In Coral Springs

Death may seem far away, and we hope that it is, but it’s wise to be safe and set up your will earlier rather than later. Why not trust yours to an experienced wills lawyer who offers services to help set up and execute this important document? It’s important to get an experienced lawyer experienced…

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Avoid These Common Mistakes By Using A Will Attorney

An estimated 60% of Americans currently don’t have their wills in place. The reasons they give for neglecting to do so include being either too young or too busy. Numerous people have told me they’ve thought about it but just haven’t gotten around to taking care of it yet. People tend to procrastinate when it…

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When & Why You Need A Trust Attorney

Casting your mind to what will happen to your belongings once you die is not necessarily a pleasant experience, however, it is a wise use of your time. A little bit of preparation for the inevitable can make a world of difference for the loved ones that you leave behind. Hiring a trust attorney will…

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What Can The Money In A Special Needs Trust Be Used For?

As an estate planning attorney, I have been instrumental in setting up a wide variety of trusts for my clients. Having practiced law since 1969, I’m experienced in setting up trusts, including Special Needs Trusts for children and adults with disabilities. As part of setting up a trust, I counsel and educate the trustees regarding…

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Ask A Probate Attorney: Is Probate Required If There Is No Will?

As an Estate Planning and Probate attorney, I can’t overemphasize the importance of having your Will in place when you die. A properly prepared Will is a blueprint for how you want your assets to be distributed and to whom. Being human, however, we tend to procrastinate. This is especially true when it comes to…

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5 Misunderstandings About A Power Of Attorney

When you are unfamiliar with the details of a profession in a foreign industry, it’s easy to get confused with terminology. However, there are certain industries that have a direct impact on our lives, meaning that we still need to have a basic understanding of the jargon. A power of attorney is an example of…

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Healthcare Surrogate?

If there is one thing that we can’t guarantee in life, it’s everlasting health and youth. At some point in most people’s lives, age will catch up with our lifestyle and the spring in our step will be significantly less bouncy. In these circumstances, having a healthcare surrogate is a great advantage. Ensuring that you…

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