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Why Do I Need A Business Lawyer?

business lawyer

A business lawyer is not always seen as a necessity for most business owners. However, without a business lawyer you’ll be at a disadvantage in today’s corporate world. But what can a business lawyer do for you and your company you might be wondering? Here we have a look at some tasks which business lawyers perform and how they can better help your company expand.

Reasons Why You Need A Business Lawyer

This is a list of just a few examples where business lawyers might be able to assist you and your company. While there are times in which a business owner can handle most of the problems that come their way, there are still complex scenarios which would require legal help.

  • Hiring and Firing Employees

    Often times prospective employees or employees who have worked for you might attempt to sue you based on grounds of discrimination etc. On top of this, it is important to have a business lawyer help make certain decisions such as hiring independent contractors, hiring employees, what questions are allowed to be asked during an interview, etc. as every scenario has specific laws which need to be adhered to. It is important to have legal expertise ready and at hand should any law suits arise.

  • Governmental Complaints Against Your Business

    Often times businesses can have complaints drawn against them by governmental, state or local institutions, this can be followed with an investigation into the company for violation of state and governmental laws. This can arise from an employee laying a complaint against your business to incorrect tax returns. At times like this it is important to have a business lawyer to help you resolve these issues as they arise.

  • Negotiations of Acquisition or Sale

    Business lawyers are able to draft the paperwork and assist during negotiations of sale and company or asset acquisition. On top of this a good business lawyer will do due diligence in being able to correctly value a business. Helping you get the most from your sale or purchase.

  • Environmental Issues

    It is often common that a business receives environmental complaints against them, even if the business did not cause the problem. However, a large portion of these complaints come from waste disposal, raw materials used, and manufacturing. For this reason, it’s important to have a business lawyer ready to deal with these issues as they arise.

  • Drafting Documents

    Signing and drafting contracts is part of the cost of business. Business lawyers specialize in all forms of business law and will be able to assist you in drafting important documents as they are experts at identifying additional language and clauses which might need to be added to a document. By having a business lawyer deal with the paper work, you are ensuring your own interests as well as your business’s interests are well protected.

While the above list certainly requires the use of a business lawyer it’s important to realize that any successful business promotes active prevention as a deterrent to ill happenings. While hiring a business lawyer won’t prevent such things from happening you will be more in control and ready for the fallout when such events eventually do happen. Granted, if you’re a small business owner you might not need a business lawyer 24/7. However, it is in your company’s best interest to speak to one so that you can make informed decisions about your business.

Would you feel comfortable signing a legal document from an opposing business without having a legal representative review it? Save your company time and money by being prepared and speaking to a business lawyer who is able to suit your business needs. At Gary I. Handin, P.A. we offer a wide variety of legal services in Florida, including business law.

With our legal expertise we can ensure peace of mind when it comes to the legal process.

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