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When Should I Consider Hiring A Corporate Lawyer?

corporate lawyer

When starting a new business venture, there are so many aspects of it that can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. One of the best decisions you could make is to enlist the services of a licensed and reputable corporate lawyer. Not only can they help with your business setup and initial company documentation, including your business intellectual property rights but also a lot more. Corporate attorneys can also ensure that everything is above board and in line with state legislation, which is very important if you’d like to ensure that your business thrives on the right side of the law.

When Would I Need A Corporate Lawyer After The Initial Start-Up?

It’s always better to be over-prepared than to be caught off guard when it matters most. There are multiple reasons and occasions when having a reliable corporate lawyer will be beneficial to you. Just a few scenarios include:

  • Business Structure Changes

Irrespective of the type of business you start with, you may want to change your type of business at a later stage. This could be something such as going from an LLC to a Nonprofit. It may sound simple, but each business structure has its own specific legislation it needs to adhere to. The structures put in place for each business also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Discussing the change with an attorney well-versed in corporate law will ensure that you are aware of all the facts before making a decision.

  • Contract Creation & Business Agreements

As much as we wish contractor business agreements could be a simple, straightforward thing, they are not. They can be complex documents filled with legal jargon that would confuse most individuals as they need to cover all aspects of any deal being made. This is to protect both you as the business and the entity or individual you are doing business with. If you provide a contract to a supplier or external stakeholder that is disadvantageous to you, it could negatively impact your business, especially if the other party takes advantage of that. The same applies if you sign a contract that is disadvantageous to you. In both cases, you would be held responsible for the contents of the contract, and this will have a negative impact on your business. This is especially true in the events of mergers and acquisitions. A good example of a business agreement that a corporate attorney could oversee would be a non-disclosure agreement (NDA); keeping trade secrets within your company by utilizing NDA’s could help pave the way for your success.

  • Litigation Matters

You’d only need a corporate attorney for litigation matters in the worst case scenario. The likelihood of being sued is not high, but the risk is still there. Your lawyer will be able to ascertain if the case against you is valid, as well as your options for how to proceed going forward. If the matter can be settled outside of court, your attorney will help you reach a settlement.

Isn’t Business Law and Corporate Law The Same?

While both business law and corporate law can be deeply intertwined, there are massive differences between the two. In most cases, business law relates to the transactions between people and the business. This includes things such as employee management, occupational health and safety, and more. Corporate law governs the rules and regulations around the formation of the business or corporation. A simple way to look at is that business law relates to the actions the company can take, while corporate law relates to the physical company itself.

What To Look For In A Corporate Attorney

You don’t want to utilize inexperienced legal counsel only to have your company put in jeopardy due to legal matters beyond your control. This is especially true for new business ventures or small to medium enterprises. Bigger corporations may already have the capital behind them to recover from any legal blunders made, but for a smaller business, the results can ruin your business both financially and professionally. Finding the right attorney for your business can be difficult. Here are 3 important things you should look for in a corporate attorney:

1. How Solid Is Their Reputation?

Reputation always matters, even more so when it comes to hiring an attorney. A good reputation will instill necessary confidence in your choice of legal representation. Giving you peace of mind instead of an additional item to worry about. Reputable lawyers will always have a verified track record of success and solid results. A quick and easy way to check is to use a search engine to look up your legal representative online.

2. Does Their Experience Match Their Skills?

Experience goes a long way when it comes to corporate law. A good way to assess your attorney’s skill level is to inquire about the length of time that they have been practicing as a corporate lawyer. The more experienced the lawyer, the more reliable they may be. One thing to keep in mind is that you want to enlist the services of an attorney who is familiar with your specific industry. Doing so will ensure that your legal representation understands exactly what your business needs.

3. What Type Of Network Do They Have?

Networking is important for any business owner. Hiring legal representation that has a pre-existing network will be beneficial to you. A vast network includes access to additional resources that can help your business if you’re facing legal challenges that your lawyer is not entirely familiar with.

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