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The Marks Of A Professional Real Estate Lawyer

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Navigating real estate law can be a complicated process. Not to mention, purchasing a home can be the most expensive investment you will make in your lifetime. Whether you are required by state law to hire a real estate attorney, or you have decided to hire one to simplify the process, you must make sure you hire the right person for your case. Here is a short guide on how to verify that the person you are hiring has the marks of a professional real estate lawyer.

Make Sure They Practice Real Estate Law

This may seem like an obvious requirement, but if you are dealing with real estate law, hire a real estate lawyer.

Real estate agents or lawyers who specialize in other fields do not have the training to understand the complexities of real estate law. You may be tempted to reach out to family or friends who specialize in other areas of law, but the skills do not necessarily transfer over to real estate law, which includes its own set of challenges. Narrow your search to real estate attorneys, and you will find a range of people best equipped to help you.

Check Their Experience

Depending on how simple or complex your situation is, you may want a more experienced real estate lawyer. Ask them how long they’ve been practicing law and where they have been practicing law. Property law can vary from state to state, so even if your lawyer has decades of experience, make sure they have some of that experience in the state where you need their services.

In addition to asking about how long they’ve been practicing and where ask them about their track record. Explain your case and ask if they have dealt with a transaction like yours. They might not explain exactly how they handled another case or how they would handle yours, but at least you can get a feel for their expertise in your situation.

Some real estate attorneys have specialties or more experience in some areas than others. If they know how to approach your situation because they have previously done so, you are likely in good hands.

Look Online For Reviews

Sometimes, the best way to gauge if a lawyer is professional and qualified is through reading reviews from past clients. You can find lawyer review websites where previous clients post their takeaways from working with their attorney. If you see overwhelmingly negative reviews on a real estate attorney who you are considering hiring, you want to think twice about moving forward with them. Remember to take reviews with a grain of salt, but often they offer a glimpse into the reality of working with the lawyer in question.

Find Out About Pricing

The cost of a real estate attorney’s services may vary depending on how complex your transaction is, so take that into account when you get a quote from a lawyer on their pricing. You may find yourself paying more for a more experienced lawyer or for more hours, but weigh if that is worth it in the long run if they can use their experience to handle your case well.

In terms of pricing rates, they could charge you a flat fee or bill hourly. You can ask them to estimate how much time and money your case will cost. In some situations, you may be able to negotiate on the price. If you know you can only afford a certain number of hours, discuss that with your attorney up front.

Ask Who Will Handle Your Case

In some larger law offices, attorneys will delegate tasks to paralegals or other members of their team. Make sure you are comfortable with others handling your information and taking part in the transaction. If you are not, speak to your attorney about this and find out the specifics of who will be advising on your case. You may end up seeking services from a smaller law office, where your attorney may work more directly on your case.

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