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Death may seem far away, and we hope that it is, but it’s wise to be safe and set up your will earlier rather than later. Why not trust yours to an experienced wills lawyer who offers services to help set up and execute this important document?

It’s important to get an experienced lawyer experienced in wills and estates to make sure that everything is in order. Although your life may not be in their hands, what you leave behind after death may be.

The Purpose Of A Will

Whenever someone passes away, others are left behind. A will can help you provide for your family in the unfortunate circumstance of death by making sure that your assets are distributed to where you want.

A will makes sure that all of the fine details are lined up and that the document follows the legal requirements. There are various lawyers that help with this process, each serving a specific purpose. The two most important are a will attorney, which helps to create your will, and a probate attorney, which helps with the process of distribution after death.

The Role Of An Attorney In Setting Up A Will

Once an individual passes away, there’s no option to change the will or finalize any details. If the will’s legal structure is not up to standard, then it cannot be fixed. A will and probate attorney can often serve the same purpose and hiring one (or the other) is essential to plug in any holes.

What’s Included In A Will?

There are three important aspects to consider and include in your will;

  1. Guardianship – this is especially important if you’re a parent or guardian
  2. Assets – including bank accounts, heirlooms, and money
  3. Property – including homes and buildings

Some of the finer details that are often overlooked, or misunderstood, include the signing of the will, the inclusion of important clauses such as revocation clauses, and the inclusion of witness signatures in the right places.

An experienced will attorney has a detailed understanding of what needs to be included in a will or trust. With this knowledge and insight, an attorney is able to advise on the different types of trusts, and which are best suited for your desires.

An Attorney’s Expertise

Another valuable asset offered by an attorney is the ability to be an objective third-party advisor. With more than 50 years of experience, Handin Law has assisted in setting up and executing a large number of wills and trusts and can offer unbiased but knowledgeable guidance.

An attorney is helpful in navigating difficult decisions. From who to select as a suitable representative, who to leave your assets to, and who to look after your children.

This assistance extends past which child you may want to leave your house, and which your business, and it includes how to be financially savvy with the distribution of your assets. Including minimizing tax exposure, maintaining client confidentiality, and avoiding probate.

Handin Law’s Experience

Gary I. Handin is well-versed and experienced in Florida Law and has provided several trusted clients with assistance in drawing up wills and trusts. Included in these variations of trusts are living trusts and testamentary trusts.

A living trust is created, and comes into operation, during one’s lifetime. By placing your assets in the trust, of which you are a trustee, you select a successor trustee. These are particularly useful in avoiding probate.

Testamentary trusts are included in your will and are activated after death. These trusts are typically chosen when prioritizing financial security for one’s children.

Both of these trusts can be complex in nature and it’s best to get the help of an experienced lawyer. Gary Handin has earned a trusted reputation for diligence and attention to detail when navigating wills and trusts.

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