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Should I Hire A Real Estate Lawyer When Purchasing Or Selling Property In Florida?

real estate lawyer

Florida boasts a warm and sunny climate, beautiful coastline, cultural diversity, and world-renowned tourist attractions. With so many desirable reasons to move to Florida, it’s no wonder that the real estate market is filled with attractive investment opportunities. A real estate lawyer is essential if you’re considering buying or selling in Florida.

Hiring a real estate attorney helps navigate legal intricacies and potential pitfalls, helping you make the right decision. As trusted real estate attorneys in Coral Springs, we are experienced in the key considerations for property transactions in the State of Florida.

Overview Of The Florida Property Market

The value of the Florida property market is on the rise, with the average home price in Florida up by 2.8% year-on-year, and experts are predicting that the median sale price will increase due to tight inventory.

Florida’s property market is dynamic and diverse, with a wide range of real estate options. Whether you want to invest in a beachfront condo or sell your urban apartment, the legal intricacies of buying or selling property apply.

An experienced attorney will know market trends, regulations, and state-specific requirements.

The Role Of A Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate attorney is a licensed professional who provides legal advice and guidance on real estate transactions, including buying, selling, refinancing, and leasing properties.

There are many moving parts involved in finalizing real estate transactions. A real estate lawyer is crucial in reviewing contracts, conducting title searches to ensure clear ownership, and ensuring the transaction follows all legal requirements.

While hiring a real estate attorney is not a legal requirement, an expert will guide negotiations, financing, and closing procedures, identifying red flags and ensuring a successful transaction. Their expertise is trusted to minimize risk and protect both buyer and seller throughout the complex real estate process.

The Difference Between A Real Estate Attorney And An Agent

real estate lawyer

Real estate attorneys and real estate agents are both involved in the business of buying and selling property, but their roles, responsibilities, and expertise are fundamentally different.


An attorney provides legal advice and services related to transactions. They handle legal details, such as contracts, ensuring the transaction complies with applicable laws and requirements. An agent (or realtor) represents buyers or sellers, helping clients find, buy, or sell properties. They are also experienced in negotiating transactions and providing market insights.

Legal Expertise

Attorneys are trained in law and have experience handling legal documents and contracts, resolving disputes, and ensuring the transaction is legally valid. In contrast, an agent is not a legal expert and rather focuses on marketing properties and facilitating the price of the transaction.

Scope Of Services

Both attorneys and agents play an important role in real estate transactions, but attorneys focus on legal aspects, while real estate agents focus on marketing. An attorney’s services include title searches, contract reviews, and resolving disputes, while an agent’s services include showings, property searching, and offering guidance on pricing and market conditions.


Real estate attorneys are licensed lawyers who have passed the bar exam and typically specialize in real estate law. Agents are also licensed professionals, but they do not have a legal background. Instead, they have completed real estate courses and passed a state-specific licensing exam.

How Does A Real Estate Lawyer Help?

A real estate lawyer provides invaluable assistance through various phases of a real estate transaction, including the following.

Contract Assistance

Real estate contracts and all documentation should be drafted, reviewed, and proofed for legal validity. A legal expert offers contract assistance to protect your interests and prevent potential disputes in property transactions.

Time Management

Delays in real estate transactions can be costly, and an attorney plays a key role in handling essential tasks efficiently. For example, title searches involve examining historical property records to confirm ownership and identify liens, encumbrances, or legal issues. A legal expert will handle this time-consuming and intimidating task, saving valuable time while preventing potential complications.

In another example, deeds often require quick completion, yet rushing the process can lead to increased mistakes. Real estate attorneys are experts at finalizing documents within tight deadlines — error-free!


Property inspections are essential to ensure that the property is in the expected condition and has no hidden issues. Attorneys assist by coordinating and facilitating these inspections, advising buyers on what to look for and how to negotiate repairs (or credits based on the findings). They will also confirm that all details from the inspection are documented.

Guaranteed Ownership

Fraudulent sellers, forged documents, unresolved liens, and boundary disputes are all instances when buyers can face complications due to incorrect or disputed property ownership rights. An attorney will meticulously examine property records, verify titles, and conduct due diligence to confirm that the seller has legal and undisputed rights to the property.

Closing The Deal

The closing of a deal is a celebratory moment. However, it also demands examining several legal documents, which can be overwhelming, particularly to first-time buyers, potentially leaving them vulnerable to misunderstandings.

By offering legal expertise, a property attorney helps buyers and sellers close the deal while protecting their client’s best interests. An attorney’s presence at the closing meeting ensures that both parties understand their obligations. They also facilitate the proper disbursement of funds and document recording to make the transaction seamless.

Protection As A Seller

While attorneys offer much value for buyers, they are equally valuable for sellers, protecting them with their legal expertise and safeguarding their interests throughout the process. Aside from assisting with documentation and negotiations, attorneys can also protect sellers from being sued by accidentally revealing critical information.

Expertise In Unique Situations

There are additional situations where real estate transactions are more complicated than normal. In these instances, a real estate attorney reduces stress, limits errors, and provides confidence for both parties.

For example, buying a home that is part of a unique sale type, such as estate sales or auctions, involves different paperwork. In other scenarios, you may buy a home from outside Florida, sell it as part of a divorce settlement, or sell a deceased person’s estate. In each of these instances, an attorney offers expert guidance.

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