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Category: Real Estate

What Can A Real Estate Attorney Do For Me?

So, you’re thinking of buying a house or piece of property. Given the price of homes and property in South Florida, it’s one of the major investments you’ll make during your lifetime. In 2019, the median sales price of a single-family home was $365,000.00 in Broward County. This represents a 3.3% increase from the median…

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The Different Types Of Real Estate Legal Service

When a person hears the term “real estate,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is the buying and selling of land and/or property. The assumption is that a seller lists their property for sale, often more than the price they are willing to accept, and the potential buyer makes an offer which is…

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Who Is Responsible For Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer?

As a real estate lawyer who is also the owner of Florida Home Title Company, I’m often contacted by prospective buyers and/or sellers seeking possible representation in their real estate negotiations. One of the first questions they ask is, “who’s responsible for hiring a real estate lawyer?” The answer to that question is neither party…

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Real Estate & Business Legal Services South Florida Can Count On

Dealing with various aspects of the law can be draining, especially if you don’t know what you are doing or where to start. Law firms like the law offices of Gary I. Handin, PA., are designed to help you with various aspects of the law especially if you need legal services for real estate and…

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Navigating Florida’s HOA Laws

If you live in a community operated by a Homeowners Association, it is important to understand what authority an HOA has and the effect they have upon the current homeowner and/or a potential homeowner. At the Law Firm of Gary I. Handin, P.A., we understand the HOA laws and know how to successfully navigate through…

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Buying Commercial Property? Talk To An Experienced Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Choosing to invest in real estate property for your business is a big decision and one that can seriously affect the profits of the company. Whether you’re investing in commercial space for your own company’s use, or to lease as a form of income, it’s always a wise business decision to first speak to a…

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Real Estate Attorney Discusses How To Handle Liens

So, you have found your dream home and it is even for sale. There is just one minor problem, there is currently a lien against the home. For many, this may sound more like a nightmare but if you understand how to handle liens against the property you want to buy, it is much easier…

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Real Estate Attorney Breaks Down Property Taxes

Florida’s property taxes can be a little complicated to understand if you’re not familiar with the property market in the area. Tax laws in Florida differ from other countries because there is no personal income tax that is charged. If you’re looking to buy property in Florida for the first time, it would be helpful…

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Commercial Real Estate Owners Take Heed Of Your Tenants Business

Commercial real estate owners put an incredible amount of trust into tenants and their businesses. Not only do they trust the tenants will pay their rent on time, but real estate owners also must trust that the tenants have a profitable business that will continue to bring in revenue. Delinquent tenants cause heavy amounts of…

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A Real Estate Attorney’s Guide To Vacation Homes in Florida

There’s nothing quite like packing your bags and heading to Florida for the winter to escape the cold weather much of the rest of the United States faces, but it’s also a relief to head back before suffering through the hot and humid summers of the Sunshine State. This is why it comes as no…

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