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Category: Real Estate

Real Estate Attorney Discusses How To Handle Liens

So, you have found your dream home and it is even for sale. There is just one minor problem, there is currently a lien against the home. For many, this may sound more like a nightmare but if you understand how to handle liens against the property you want to buy, it is much easier…

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Real Estate Attorney Breaks Down Property Taxes

Florida’s property taxes can be a little complicated to understand if you’re not familiar with the property market in the area. Tax laws in Florida differ from other countries because there is no personal income tax that is charged. If you’re looking to buy property in Florida for the first time, it would be helpful…

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Commercial Real Estate Owners Take Heed Of Your Tenants Business

Commercial real estate owners put an incredible amount of trust into tenants and their businesses. Not only do they trust the tenants will pay their rent on time, but real estate owners also must trust that the tenants have a profitable business that will continue to bring in revenue. Delinquent tenants cause heavy amounts of…

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A Real Estate Attorney’s Guide To Vacation Homes in Florida

There’s nothing quite like packing your bags and heading to Florida for the winter to escape the cold weather much of the rest of the United States faces, but it’s also a relief to head back before suffering through the hot and humid summers of the Sunshine State. This is why it comes as no…

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Real Estate Attorney Discusses Reverse Mortgages

Have you heard or seen the commercials about reverse mortgages and thought to yourself that they must be too good to be true? After all, how is it possible to get a loan without monthly payments? There has to be some catch, right? Well, here is all you need to know about reverse mortgages to…

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Real Estate Law: Partition Of Jointly Owned Property

There are many benefits of becoming the co-owner of a property – for example, mortgage repayments and maintenance costs are significantly less. Although buying a property with someone and becoming a co-owner can result in a more affordable investment, it can also go wrong. In Florida, co-owners have an absolute right to bring and action for…

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Down Payment Assistance Advice From Real Estate Attorney

In today’s economy, many people want to purchase a house but find it difficult to come up with the minimum down payment. The good thing is that mortgage lenders and governments realize this and have started initiating programs that assist those who can afford a monthly payment but not the down deposit. There are several…

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Real Estate Law: The Legalities Of Rent To Purchase

Many aspiring homeowners can’t afford the upfront costs associated with purchasing a home, it can be a financially daunting task. Luckily there are different options available on the market such as rent to purchase. Understanding the Basics of Rent to Purchase In real estate law, there is an agreement known as rent to purchase (rent-to-own)…

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Important Tips On Quitclaim Deeds

Transferring property can be a complicated process. Whether it’s a foreclosure, buying a new property, or transferring property between family members, deeds are used in every real estate transaction. Quitclaims are not your typical general deeds, so you must understand what they are and in what circumstances that they are used. Let’s look at deeds…

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Commercial Lease Review And Negotiation

Upon sale of a business, the buyers often assume that the real estate is part of the business. In most cases, however, the seller does not own the physical building that their business is being run from. There is generally an agreement in place with the owner of the building, which upon selling the business,…

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