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Category: Real Estate

Can You Renegotiate A Mortgage In Florida?

If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, you have options before having your lender foreclose on your home (the ultimate worst-case scenario). With the help of a real estate attorney, you can successfully renegotiate your mortgage. Part of your negotiation may include a loan modification so you can still continue making payments. Read on to…

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Do I Get To Choose My Own Closing Attorney?

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you can make as an adult. Sometimes, the legal side of this purchase can be a bit complicated. In transferring ownership of property from one person to another, a closing attorney can help close the gaps smoothly. In the state of Florida, it is not…

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Boundary Disputes: Can Property Lines Change Over Time?

Bad neighbors are an unfortunate reality. While some people invite the family next door over for BBQ and sports games, others threaten a lawsuit. Boundary disputes, in particular, are a common disagreement that can lead to awkward moments when taking out the trash. So, what can you do about a boundary dispute, and how can…

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What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

Florida is home to more seniors than any other state in the country with nearly 20% of the population being people who are 65 or older. Sadly, many of these seniors also experience financial difficulties, causing them to consider taking out a reverse mortgage on their home. Here the Law Offices of Gary I. Handin…

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Real Estate Law: Florida Land Development & Regulations

From a commercial or residential perspective, real estate law in Florida can be tricky to understand. Florida requires that any development plans be consistent with local, regional, and state laws. To get clearance to develop a piece of land, you need to come up with a comprehensive plan that addresses all the regulatory restrictions in…

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Evicting A Problem Tenant In South Florida

As a landlord, sometimes you must make the unpleasant decision to evict a problem tenant. This could be for a variety of reasons: not paying rent, violating the terms of your lease, or violating the law in some way. The state of Florida has a specific course of action for evicting problem tenants, which you…

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Florida Real Estate Law: How To Resolve Boundary Disputes

An argument over boundary lines can be stressful. When you’re involved in a boundary dispute, it’s important to hire a real estate law professional to help you resolve the matter. Whether because of an inaccurate deed or even an unrecorded one, our professional lawyers at The Law Offices of Gary I. Handin, P.A. are experienced…

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A Beginner’s Guide To Florida Title Insurance Law

What is title insurance law? In essence, a title is the basis for owning property. If you buy a home, you should receive a title. This proves your right to own the property and use it. Keep in mind that how you use a property depends on zoning regulations for the property. This means that…

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Real Estate Law: What Is Title Underwriting?

One of the most important purchases you will make in life is your home. Most of the time, the buying process goes relatively smoothly. For others, it can be a bit of a nightmare without title insurance. This insurance is a prerequisite for every homebuyer; not getting it could result in preventable complications that can…

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How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help With Escrow

There are many factors involved in the process of buying a home – some of which you may not be thinking about as you pick out furniture, decide on paint colors, and start packing up your stuff. One such factor of home ownership is escrow, which involves a third party – as in, not the…

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