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Buying real estate is no simple procedure which is why a real estate law firm is a much-needed addition to the process. From eyeing out potential snags in the purchase agreement to ensuring your assets are taken care of should you find something wrong with the house later – a real estate law firm is a must.

  1. Problem: You don’t understand the purchase agreement with all its legal lingo!

    Not to worry, real estate law firms can check purchase agreements before you sign. Many homeowners struggle to buy their property outright and often do it with a little help from a mortgage or lending company. If a prospective seller accepts your offer, and you both sign the agreement without a stipulation such as an offer being subject to the buyer getting financing, you, as the buyer, could be liable to pay – even if your financing application is rejected. What if you move in and find your new home has asbestos? A real estate law attorney will make sure that provisions in the purchase agreements are made for any eventuality.

  2. Problem: You want to rent out your property but you’re not sure how to go about it.

    Have you bought your property for investment purposes and you’re planning to rent it out? It’s wise to have a real estate attorney look over your rental agreement before you and your potential tenant sign it. All rental agreements are expected to comply with real estate laws. If they don’t – they are invalid, which could leave you in the lurch without a tenant. Your rental agreement will also have clauses which will protect your interests should your tenant damage your property or stop paying rent on time.

  3. Problem: You’ve found the perfect house and have put in an offer, but want to make sure that there are no liens tied to the property.

    This is where real estate law attorneys really shine. They can conduct a lien and judgement search on the house and the previous owner, accessing all public records and ensuring that you won’t come home to any nasty surprises later.

  4. Problem: You’ve read through the purchase agreement and it seems vague.

    A real estate law attorney can ensure that the purchase agreement is clear-cut, that the terms are set, and that everything is laid out as clearly as possible. They’ll also be searching for any hidden clauses or stipulations that could negatively affect you further down the line.

  5. Problem: A title search has been done and you have the results, but you don’t know how to decipher them.

    This is an important part of the buying and selling process, in which the seller is expected to state and detail their title to the property to the buyer (and lending company, should they be involved). In most instances, a title search is conducted by a title insurance company, but in certain states, this isn’t a requirement. Making use of a real estate law attorney in this instance will review the title search and make whatever judgements deemed necessary.

  6. Problem: The deed and closing papers are ready but now you need to sift through them all.

    This is possibly one of the most important parts of buying and selling a house. You’ve put in your offer, you’ve gotten financing, a title search has been done, and you’ve asked for some clauses that you weren’t happy with in the agreement to be amended. Now you need to sign the last mound of paperwork and the home is yours. Having a real estate law attorney give the final contract a once-over will ensure that the process runs smoothly and that all your requirements have been met.

Making use of a real estate law firm takes all of the pain away from buying and selling real estate, leaving you none of the headaches but all of the excitement. The Law Offices of Gary I. Handin, P.A. are well versed in the field of real estate law. Contact us for all of your real estate legal requirements today.

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