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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Law

business law

What exactly is business law? Business law, also is known as mercantile law or commercial law, governs the business interactions between individuals and commercial matters. Business law is generally broken down into two distinct areas. They include regulation of commercial entities through the start-up, running, and, if necessary, the closing of that business. Secondly, business law involves the regulation of all commercial transactions through the application of relevant contract laws.

Historically, business laws date back for centuries. One major focus of business law involves trying to prevent issues that can cause damage to a business’s reputation or can end up implicate involving the parties in legal disputes.

Business Law Can Implicate The Following Issues

  1. If a contractual dispute arises, the parties need to agree as to the terms of the contract, what exactly went wrong, and why it went wrong.
  2. Often issues may arise between the parties over the quality of the product.
  3. Issues can also arise over the failure of the buyer to pay for the delivered goods according to the contract.
  4. Issues also arise when a party feels that the other party has failed to treat them fairly.

An experienced business law attorney is instrumental in facilitating the process of resolving these types of disputes. While they can’t prevent a lawsuit from being filed, an experienced attorney can be instrumental in identifying the issues and guiding their client to an early, successful resolution of those issues.

Frequently Asked Questions & Mistakes Pertaining To Business Law?

  1. Business Owners frequently have questions about employment disputes. Those disputes usually include wage claims, discrimination claims, and wrongful termination claims.
  2. They have a breach of contract issues arising over the purchase or sale of goods/services.
  3. Questions about dissolution issues involving partnerships.
  4. Issues with disputes between shareholders.
  5. Understanding construction agreements.

Resolving those issues, contract terms are examined to determine the validity of that contract. With the appropriate advice of counsel, a business owner can weigh the risks and benefits involved in an outstanding dispute and hopefully resolve it through a negotiated settlement.

Lawyers review the evidence from both sides, spot favorable issues that weigh in favor of their client or can often find ways to minimize the effect the less favorable evidence will have on their client. Experienced trial attorneys are often able to present the evidence in the most favorable light to their clients. Also, experienced attorneys can evaluate and explain to their clients the probable course of litigation to help them obtain the most favorable outcome.

It is important to maintain a written chronology of the events which is the framework upon which the case is litigated. An experienced business litigation attorney can evaluate and often find the critical evidence needed to present the dispute in the light which is more favorable to their client. All obligations made between the parties must be memorialized in writing.

Another major business mistake is when the parties fail to have an experienced attorney prepare an important contractual agreement before entering into it. Many disputes can be avoided by a carefully drafted agreement prepared by an attorney who is trained and experienced in the practice of business law. Every party to a contract should keep a copy of all documents and exhibits attached thereto to avoid misunderstandings in the future which can lead to the filing of an unnecessary lawsuit.

Business Law Attorney In Coral Springs

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