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Category: Foreclosure Defense

Forbearance Agreement 101

Simply put, a forbearance agreement is a legal agreement between a lender and a borrower with terms to temporarily postpone mortgage repayment. The agreement is normally made as a form of payment relief to avoid the losses generated by property foreclosure from falling on the lender. The hesitancy towards forbearance agreements most often comes from…

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Mortgage Foreclosure and The Quit Claim Deed

There are two major problems which come with foreclosure. The first, is that you will no longer have a place to live. The second, is that it can damage your credit score immensely. Even if you are able to bounce back from the credit score, having a foreclosure on record could prevent you from getting…

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What is Loan Modification?

If you are facing foreclosure or are unable to afford your monthly mortgage installments, loan modification may be one of your options to avoid foreclosure. Loan modification is the restructuring of your loan agreement to allow for monthly installments that you can afford. It may include the reduction of interest rates or even the adjustments…

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A Lesson In Deed-In-Lieu Of Foreclosure

Facing foreclosure is a distressing prospect for any homeowner. Avoiding it is of paramount, but to do that you need to be aware of all of your options. One of the options available to you is entering into a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure agreement. Even if you have defaulted your mortgage payments a number of times,…

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How A Foreclosure Attorney Can Help You

No-one wants to think about losing their home. Foreclosure is one of the things that could happen to you, if you are not keeping up to date with all your mortgage repayments or repayments of other debts. Utilizing the services of a foreclosure attorney can help you through this trying time, but you will need…

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How Can An Asset Protection Attorney Help Me?

You may have heard rumors of someone defaulting on loan payments only to have their property seized soon after, or perhaps you’ve seen a film where unhappy customers sue small business owners for everything they have. You most likely will not know that these people could have avoided losing much of their property if they…

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If You Are Considering A Short Sale Get Advice From A Short Sale Attorney

When times start getting tough, property owners may find themselves turning to a short sale attorney for legal advice to prevent bankruptcy or foreclosure. But what really is a short sale, and how does it work? What Is A Short Sale? Although the property market has picked up since the housing market crash of 2007,…

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Attorney Talk: Foreclosure and Short Sale

If someone has taken out a home loan and is unable to pay the loan, there are a few actions the lender is likely to take and associated repercussions for the borrower. This article is going to focus on the contrast between foreclosure and short sale. Foreclosure What is it? In a foreclosure, through instituting…

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How Does Foreclosure Affect a Lender in Florida?

Florida, as a recourse state, has the option for a mortgage lender to take legal action in a foreclosure if money obtained is not enough to pay all money owed. If you still owe your mortgage lender money after the foreclosure of your home in Florida, the lender can usually get a judgement for the…

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Loan Modification Attorney’s Alert to 3rd Party Purchasers

Two recent decisions in the Florida 2nd and 5th District Courts of Appeal seem to indicate that the third party purchasers may have little or no right to participate in foreclosure proceedings related to the property in which they have an interest. This means that third party purchasers wishing to contest a foreclosure face a…

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