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Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Probate my Loved One’s Estate?

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An Estate Planning Lawyer Will Help

An estate planning lawyer is involved in all aspects of estate and probate management. Their role is a vital one, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. This type of trained and qualified lawyer will be able to sort out all legal matters and problems regarding what happens to the estate of person who passes away.

Probate has to do with the finalization and administration of one’s estate after they have passed away. Properly probating your loved one’s estate with an estate or probate lawyer will involve taking note of and appraising the deceased’s property/properties, assets, will (as well as its distribution) and any potential remaining debts and taxes. Issues relating to probate are handled by the lawyer after someone has passed away. During a time of mourning, this does not need to be a further complicated burden for you and your family. An estate planning lawyer will ensure that all is in order, including the will of the deceased, their property and possessions and the distribution of these as stated in their will.

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The death of a loved one can be incredibly painful and hard. Dealing with their estate after they have passed away can also be a heavy weight on your shoulders. There is enough going on without having the further burden of figuring out all the legal aspects of one’s assets. The final wishes of the deceased should be carried out properly and all legal issues must be resolved appropriately. A probate attorney can assist you with all the (potentially difficult, complex and lengthy) legal matters regarding the estate of the deceased. It is best to be prepared and get aspects regarding probate (such as all that paperwork) in order as soon as possible.

Whether you have been assigned as an executor of the estate or not, you will still want to have peace of mind that the estate of your loved one is being handled as professionally and carefully as possible. The lawyer not only handles assets, but also any remaining debts after someone has passed away. As an executor/personal representative and/or beneficiary of the estate, the lawyer will most likely work closely with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as stipulated in the will.

If you do not probate your loved one’s will, you could face even more challenges. Common, yet still serious, problems which arise are often to due to any debt or taxes that the person who passed away has left behind. However, if you probate the estate, these issues can easily be resolved with the help of a probate lawyer. A probate attorney will make sure that all factors concerning the will and probate are correctly completed.

Allow yourself to grieve without the unnecessary worries of the legal side of things. Negotiating all of these ins and outs can get overwhelming and impossible to do without a professional. An estate planning lawyer will be able to sort out the matters concerning your loved one’s estate so that you do not have to and so that everything is legally sorted. Probate is a common legal process that is an important part of arranging an estate.

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