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What To Look For In A Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

​​​​​​To understand what it is you should look for in a commercial real estate lawyer, you need to first understand what commercial real estate is. There are significant differences between commercial and residential real estate properties. Simply stated, commercial real estate is property that tenants rent for business use purposes only. Commercial real estate includes…

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What Can A Real Estate Attorney Do For Me?

So, you’re thinking of buying a house or piece of property. Given the price of houses and property in South Florida, it’s one of the major investments you’ll make during your lifetime. In 2019, the median sales price of a single-family home was $365,000.00 in Broward County. This represents a 3.3% increase from the median…

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The Different Types Of Real Estate Legal Service

When a person hears the term “real estate,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is the buying and selling of land and/or property. The assumption is that a seller lists their property for sale, often more than the price they are willing to accept, and the potential buyer makes an offer which is…

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What Are The Differences Between LLC Company Law And Corporate Law?

There comes a point in many peoples’ careers when they’ve considered opening their own business and becoming their own bosses. They’re tired of working for someone else and they’re convinced they can make more money working for themselves. While being your own boss offers its advantages, it also offers disadvantages. You and your business partners…

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What Is An Open Estate?

In my more than 30 years as a practicing attorney in Florida, I’ve answered a lot of questions from my clients in different areas of the law. Answering questions for people is actually an important part of my job. I enjoy speaking with people and helping them alleviate their problems. One of my primary reasons…

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Avoid These Common Mistakes By Using A Will Attorney

An estimated 60% of Americans currently don’t have their wills in place. The reasons they give for neglecting to do so include being either too young or too busy. Numerous people have told me they’ve thought about it but just haven’t gotten around to taking care of it yet. People tend to procrastinate when it…

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What You Need To Know About Foreclosure Short Sales In Florida

Although not as prevalent as they once were, short sales in Florida offer an alternative option to the foreclosure. With a short sale, the implications for the distressed homeowners are not nearly as severe. But there are a few things you need to know before discussing a short sale with your bank or lending institution….

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Three Kinds Of Residential Foreclosure Defenses In Florida

Statistics show that in the first six months of 2019, Florida is the state with the fourth-highest foreclosure rate in the country. In December of 2019, over 600 foreclosure actions were filed in Dade County, close to 600 foreclosures filed in Broward County, and more than 350 in Palm Beach County. As a result of…

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Estate Planning – What’s Different About Florida Law?

As a practicing estate planning attorney in Florida for over 40 years, I’ve prepared a large number of estate plans on my clients’ behalf. Many of my clients were born and raised in Florida. Some of them were born and raised in other states. A number of them already had estate plans prepared for them…

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When & Why You Need A Trust Attorney

Casting your mind to what will happen to your belongings once you die is not necessarily a pleasant experience, however, it is a wise use of your time. A little bit of preparation for the inevitable can make a world of difference for the loved ones that you leave behind. Hiring a trust attorney will…

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