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Benefits Of Hiring A Business Law Attorney

Whether you’re just starting out with your new business venture or have been running an established enterprise for a while, the rules and procedures of business law will always be relevant to you. There are many points in a business’s life cycle when the advice of a business law attorney is indispensable – we’ve set…

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Should I Hire A Probate Attorney?

Many people do not understand what probate entails until they lose a family member. It is often only in these very difficult circumstances that people will first begin to ask questions about the role of a probate attorney and whether their family needs one.  Attempting to wrap your head around the complex probate process while…

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Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Attorney During A Property Closing

If you’re a fan of the Selling Sunset show, you may be under the impression that selling or buying a home is a simple matter of asking a real estate agent to arrange some show houses and negotiate a deal for you. In reality – and as all homeowners will know – the process is…

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A Guide On How To Qualify For A Reverse Mortgage

Unfortunately, after working hard for all their lives, many senior citizens find themselves in a difficult financial position after their retirement. This could be because their social security income is inadequate to make ends meet, because they face steep medical bills, or need to be able to pay for expensive nursing care. In these circumstances,…

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When Is The Best Time To Purchase Title Insurance?

Buying a property is a major milestone for many people. It’s exciting to imagine your future in your new home or count the money you hope to make from your investment property. However, with this excitement comes a responsibility to protect your investment, and that’s where title insurance comes in. Title insurance is vital to…

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Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney When Buying Or Selling A Home In Florida?

Buying or selling a property can be a life-defining moment for many homeowners. Whether it’s your first home you’re buying or if you’re selling to upgrade. It can be both exhilarating and challenging to close the deal.  While you don’t need a real estate attorney to handle the sale for you, there are many reasons…

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Estate Planning For Your Family’s Future

Most people forget that estate planning is as much a part of life as it is of death. In fact, planning for your death should never be too far from your mind as you go through life’s major milestones – marriage, having children, and for some, divorce. Properly planning for your eventual passing is one…

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Navigating The Foreclosure Process: A Guide For Homeowners

Home foreclosure is what happens when a homeowner is unable to make payments on their property for a significant amount of time. On average, this length of time is from 90 to 120 days. At that point, the lender for your home’s mortgage will attempt to regain what they are still owed. If the home…

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The Role Of A Probate Attorney In Contesting A Will

Contesting a will can be a long, complicated, and sometimes expensive process – not to mention that it can be emotionally exhausting for all parties involved. Whether you are a Personal Representative of a deceased estate or a family member who believes that your loved one was unduly influenced in executing their will, having an…

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The Importance Of Title Insurance In Real Estate Transactions

Title insurance is a crucial component of the real estate process that protects prospective home buyers against specific risks.  If you have ever considered purchasing a house, then you have likely come across this term.  Despite conducting extensive research and due diligence, it is possible to overlook crucial details about a property that may cause…

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