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Florida Home Title Company Receives 2022 Best of Coral Springs Award

CORAL SPRINGS February 9, 2022 — Florida Home Title Company has been selected for the 2022 Best of Coral Springs Award in the Title insurance Agency category by the Coral Springs Award Program. Each year, the Coral Springs Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and…

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Ask These Questions Before Selling A Business in Florida

Are you considering selling your Florida-based business? Whether you’ve already compiled the paperwork or you’re only considering the option, there are a few key details to keep in mind when selling a business in Florida. There are approximately 2.5 million small businesses in Florida, making up 99.8% of all businesses in the state. These businesses…

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FAQs About Living Wills & Advance Directives For Florida Residents

Managing the logistics of death can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re still alive and well. However, carving out time to organize your living will and advance directives is a small effort now that can save a lot of effort in the future. Trying to understand the legal jargon and details of living wills…

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Estate Planning For Mental & Physical Incapacity

It’s a morbid thing to think about, but estate planning for our eventual deaths is unfortunately a necessary evil. When someone you love has experienced a traumatic injury or illness that’s left them disabled or with a debilitating medical condition, having your estate and affairs in order is something you need to consider. Preparing for…

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Boundary Disputes: Can Property Lines Change Over Time?

Bad neighbors are an unfortunate reality. While some people invite the family next door over for BBQ and sports games, others threaten a lawsuit. Boundary disputes, in particular, are a common disagreement that can lead to awkward moments when taking out the trash. So, what can you do about a boundary dispute, and how can…

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A Look At Estate Law Tax Changes in 2022

Understanding tax law changes for the fiscal year 2022 is important. At Handin Law, we can notify you of these important changes, so you are prepared when filing your taxes. One of the biggest changes concerns estate law. The federal tax exemption changes annually as it takes inflation into account. However, there is a lot…

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What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

Florida is home to more seniors than any other state in the country with nearly 20% of the population being people who are 65 or older. Sadly, many of these seniors also experience financial difficulties, causing them to consider taking out a reverse mortgage on their home. Here the Law Offices of Gary I. Handin…

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Trust Law: What Is A Charitable Trust?

Trust law is a complex facet of estate planning. With so many options when choosing what type of trust you want to establish, you need an attorney with experience handling estate planning matters. When it comes to a charitable trust, there are many things to consider. When founding one, you can choose to continue to…

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Tips For Young Adults On Estate Planning & Retirement

Many young adults are concerned with starting a fulfilling career, paying off student loans, buying a home, and starting a family. Estate planning and planning for retirement may take a backseat to these things, which are more immediate concerns in the present. But there are many reasons to start thinking about these issues today, because…

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Real Estate Law: Florida Land Development & Regulations

From a commercial or residential perspective, real estate law in Florida can be tricky to understand. Florida requires that any development plans be consistent with local, regional, and state laws. To get clearance to develop a piece of land, you need to come up with a comprehensive plan that addresses all the regulatory restrictions in…

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